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Table 2 Roles and levels of access for each type of REACT user account

From: IMPlementation of An online Relatives’ Toolkit for psychosis or bipolar (IMPART study): iterative multiple case study to identify key factors impacting on staff uptake and use

RoleDescription of roleAccess
IMPART leadProvide a link between the research team and clinical service. Provide access to key data sources. Create accounts for REACT Supporters and all cliniciansFull access to REACT trust website, with information regarding all signed-up clinicians, REACT supporters and relatives. Could not access forums and direct messages.
REACT supporterSupport the relative to use and get the most out of the toolkit. Moderate the REACT Group forum and respond to direct messages from relatives. Update local information on the Resource DirectoryAccess to all aspects of REACT toolkit including forum and direct messages, and details of relatives who have been invited.
ClinicianInvite relative to use REACT- both verbally and by sending them an email invite.Sign up relatives only; could access toolkit modules.
RelativeEnd users of REACTAccess to REACT toolkit, including forum and direct messages.