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Table 1 The attributes for the discrete choice experiment and their definitions

From: A discrete choice experiment to identify the most efficient quality indicators for the supervision of psychiatric hospitals

1Policy regarding dysfunctioning professionals)aThe board conducts formalized policy to detect, promptly, dysfunctional employees and takes measures to stop the malfunction.
2Quality of internal research after a serious incidentThe board ensures that serious incidents are investigated in a systematic, self-critical and independent way and takes responsibility for implementing improvement measures.
3Prevention of compulsory treatmentPolicy to reduce compulsory treatment and convert compulsion into intensive care is defined and implemented.
4Policy on integrated careaThe board has formalized partnerships with chain- and network partners in mental health care.
5Screening of and treatment of somatic symptomsPolicy is implemented for screening patients for somatic symptoms frequently and for treatments of these problems.
6Implementation multidisciplinary guidelines on suicidal behaviouraThe board facilitates the implementation of these guidelines and professionals comply with these guidelines if indicated.
  1. a not presented in the original set of 46 indicators