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Table 4 Unadjusted annual medical costs per patient by types of renal replacement therapies, in Chinese Yuan (CNY)

From: Direct medical costs of end-stage kidney disease and renal replacement therapy: a cohort study in Guangzhou City, southern China

 Overall HDOverall PDDifference (99.17%CI)P valueKT (first year)KT (second year)Difference (99.17%CI)P value
Composition of total costs37651237  11741  
Total annual medical costs
 Mean94,674.780,734.613,940.1 (10,825.5–17,054.7)0.000a132,345.493,316.239,029.2 (22,547.6–55,510.8)0.000a
 SD45,034.232,459.0  39,385.031,350.6  
Laboratory and diagnostic costs
 Percentage of total cost (%)0.80.4  1.80.2  
 Mean730.1307.7422.4 (258.7–586.2)0.000a2324.9187.32137.6 (1730.8–2544.5)0.000a
 SD2870.41432.1  1337.5567.2  
Non-medication treatment costs
 Percentage of total cost (%)77.912.9  27.56.4  
 Mean73,747.810,377.763,370.1 (61,632.0–65,108.1)0.000a36,421.55996.130,425.4 (27,096.7–33,754.1)0.000a
 SD27,286.917,060.3  12,483.62969.6  
Medication costs
 Percentage of total cost (%)20.686.2  67.893.4  
 Mean19,498.069,633.0−50,135.1 (−52,198.9 - -48,071.3)0.000a89,668.587,130.62537.9 (−12,788.2–17,863.9)0.654a
 SD18,190.425,409.8  32,098.530,766.0  
Bed Fees
 Percentage of total cost (%)0.40.3  1.70.0  
 Mean349.4265.683.8 (−1.3–168.9)0.009a2235.50.02235.5 (1619.5–2851.4)0.000a
 SD1406.7795.6  2480.80.0  
Other fees
 Percentage of total cost (%)0.40.2  1.30.0  
 Mean354.1150.6203.5 (116.7–290.4)0.000a1695.02.21692.8 (1519.3–1866.3)0.000a
 SD1166.2943.2  698.513.2  
Out-of-pocket spending
 Percentage of total cost (%)13.014.3−1.1 (−2.0 - -0.3)0.000b23.716.86.9 (3.2–10.8)0.000b
 Mean12,323.911,516.7807.2 (−49.2–1663.5)0.013a31,378.615,703.615,675 (9026.7–22,323.3)0.000a
 SD11,461.99318.3  17,453.411,971.4  
  1. HD Haemodialysis, PD Peritoneal Dialysis, KT Kidney Transplantation
  2. UEBMI, Urban Employee-based Basic Medical Insurance scheme; URBMI, Urban Resident-based Basic Medical Insurance scheme;
  3. ap-values were based on the independent two-sample T-test; bp-values were based on the two-proportion Z-test. A Bonferroni adjustment was applied: the adjusted alpha level was 0.0083 (alpha = 0.05/6) and 99.17% Confidence Intervals (CI) were presented