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Table 2 Unit costs associated with healthcare use

From: Centralising acute stroke care within clinical practice in the Netherlands: lower bounds of the causal impact

ResourceUnit costs ($US)Source
Variable costs
 General practitioner (1)
  Telephonic consultation$19.04 
  Visit by general practitioner$56.00 
 Emergency medical services transport (2)
  Emergency transport$882.00 
  Per driven kilometer$5.00 
 Medical personnel ER visit (1)
  Medical specialist (15 min)$44.38 
  Resident (1 h)$36.48 
  Nurse (1 h)$35.04 
 Outpatient clinic visit$89.60(1)
 Computed tomography scan$144.48(3)
 Central laboratory (per test)$27.10(4)
 Neurology ward (1 day)$466.10(1)
 Stroke unit (1 day)$626.68(3)
 Care after discharge (1)
  Home care (1 day)$59.00 
  Remedial therapy (1 session)$38.94 
  Rehabilitation centre (1 day)$542.80 
  Nursing home (1 day)$198.24 
  1. $US indicates United States dollar; ER, emergency room. (1) Dutch manual of costing [26]; (2) Data from regional ambulance services Groningen; (3) Dirks et al., 2012 [20]; (4) Claes et al., 2006 [27]; (5) [28]