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Table 3 Illustration of the analysis process, from the units of meaning to the categories and themes

From: “Navigation to prioritizing the patient” – first-line nurse managers’ experiences of participating in a quality improvement collaborative

Theme 2: Mastering the processes in improvement work
Becoming proficientTransformation of knowlegdeKnowledge developmentCompared to a regular study you go into for a certain time, and when you’re done. It’s assumed that you use this knowledge (LTS4)
From the first convention to the last, the last one, I might have, I mean here it is, I’ve grown, something has happened here (HS4)
Become more observant of how important it is to have knowledge-based, for example, procedures (H4)
Future-orientedAnd then I think ‘wow, I’ve been through that, I’ve learned that, I’ve seen that, I’ve heard about that’, and then you use it (H6)
And so, many times, I think that it might as well just be there, because it will probably come up some time (HS3)
Recognizable knowledgeBecause we do have worked for a long time in this way, before we started in the network (HS5)
Really, I don’t think that we have done it differently (LTS2)
We can sit in meetings and see [Name] present this as news, and we who are here, of course, find this a little funny (H6)
Importance of reflectionI’m thinking about the consciousness-raising, that it’s important to put words on things, and let them (the employees) discuss the pros and cons, or ask questions. I realize something has happened. They answer themselves. (LTS1)
Understandable processesProcesses related to the perspectiveWhen we understood Evidence Based Practice, then I thought: Now I gather the details together into a whole (H4)
We get the latest in a way, and that’s thrilling (LTS5)
There are elements here that makes you think a certain way, that you can bring with you, which covers a lot of what you would need to keep in mind when working with improvement work as a leader (HS2)
Processes related to the systemWe’ve worked with processes before, but back then we didn’t have the same understanding of what was necessary. To go through this process (HS5)
What I’ve learned? That’s this takes one’s time (H1)
There’s a lot of things to keep in mind, it’s very wide, you have to think about every little thing that happens in the department, to what person you hire (H3)