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Table 2 Patient characteristics (N = 5552)

From: Frequency of thyroid function tests and examinations in participants of a population-based study

 Number (N)Percent (%)95% CI
Sex (male)260246.945.5–48.2
 ≤ 303275.95.3–6.5
 > 30–50187633.832.5–35.0
 > 50–80323758.357.0–59.6
 > 801122.01.7–2.4
Pregnant women80.10.04–0.2
BMI > 30182532.831.6–34.1
Thyroid medication63811.510.6–12.3
SHIP diagnosisa, c
 Thyroid nodule219739.638.3–40.9
Billing diagnosisb, c
 Thyroid nodule5009.08.2–9.8
  1. aclinical findings based on ultrasound or laboratory testing in SHIP, regardless of billing diagnosis
  2. bcoded thyroid disorder in billing data, regardless of SHIP findings
  3. cone patient can have more than one diagnosis