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Table 3 Community pharmacists’ (n = 42) rating of importance of the various PROMPT components*

From: A developmental evaluation of an intraprofessional Pharmacy Communication Partnership (PROMPT) to improve transitions in care from hospital to community: A mixed-methods study

Survey QuestionsMedian (IQR)
How important is the faxed prescription with the contact information of the hospital pharmacist?
 Fulla9 (1)
 Partialb9 (0)
 All Respondents9 (0)
How important is the Faxed Discharge Summary?
 Full8 (2)
 Partial8 (3)
 All Respondents8 (3)
How important is a direct telephone call from the hospital pharmacist involved in the patient’s care?
 Full8 (2)
 Partial9 (2)
 All Respondents9 (2)
  1. *Scale 1 to 9; 1 = not at all important, 9 = extremely important
  2. a Sample size for full was 31
  3. b Sample size for partial was 11