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Table 1 Description of the Senior Care Program and Health Links

From: Examining health care providers’ and middle-level managers’ readiness for change: a qualitative study

 The Senior Care ProgramHealth Links
DescriptionAn interdisciplinary primary health service delivery program offered through 10 Community Health Centres (CHCs) in OntarioAn approach to coordinating care that links patients, their health care providers, and their caregivers together through a coordinated care plan that documents the roles, responsibilities and contact information for each individual
Mandate StructureA program that reports to the Regional Authority, is directed by the Lead Site, and is composed of various satellite sitesA province-wide initiative mandated by the Ministry
ObjectiveProvide community-based services to frail seniors (and their caregivers) to enable them to stay healthy, live more independently, and avoid unnecessary use of costly emergency rooms in hospitalsImprove the quality of care and the health care experience for those who use the health system the most, and coordinate care for the top 5% of health care system users
Target PopulationFrail seniors (aged 65+)Patients of any age with complex conditions
Objective of the integrationEnhance coordination of care and health service delivery for seniors with complex conditions