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Table 4 Factors that matter when respondents choose an interchangeable prescription medicine (N=1043)

From: Reasons for allowing and refusing generic substitution and factors determining the choice of an interchangeable prescription medicine: a survey among pharmacy customers in Finland

Respondents who had only allowed GS
Respondents who had only refused GS
Respondents who had both allowed and efused GS
Respondents who had no experience with GS
Price of the medicine83581.137489.72846.738679.43370.2< 0.001
Familiarity with the medicine39638.410825.94168.322145.51940.4< 0.001
Availability of the medicine33832.813532.41118.317435.81225.50.032
The medicine is Finnish19819.26315.11423.311122.8612.80.014
Opportunity to halve the tablet19018.47417.71423.39319.1612.80.524
Medicine pack16616.16014.4610.08918.3612.80.193
Excipients contained in the product13112.7327.746.79018.536.4<0.001
Manufacturer of the medicine / pharmaceutical company595.7122.91118.3357.212.1<0.001
Tablet/capsule shape595.7174.146.7377.612.10.097
Product name / brand / name of the medicine141.410.235.0102.100.00.007
Tablet/capsule colour111.130.700.071.412.10.438
Other reasone353.4102.458.3163.348.50.025
  1. aSome of the respondents did not answer the question concerning the factors that affected their choice of an interchangeable prescription medicine. bSome of the respondents did not answer the questions concerning their experience with GS. cThe respondents may have chosen several options. dChi-square test and Fisher’s exact test; statistically significant p-values (p < 0.05) are in bold. eE.g. recommendation or opinion of the physician or pharmacist