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Table 1 Sample Questions from Focus Group Discussion Guide

From: Addressing unmet basic needs for children with sickle cell disease in the United States: clinic and staff perspectives

i-PARIHS Construct

Sample Questions


What is your clinic’s current standard of care regarding addressing unmet basic needs such as food and housing for your patients?

How appropriate is this standard?


In general, what do you see as the role of addressing unmet basic needs in SCD clinics?

Why do you see having a standard practice for addressing unmet basic needs as important or unimportant?

What would this standard practice look like to you?

Would such a standard practice be feasible in your clinic?


How important is addressing patients’ unmet basic needs to your mission?

In general, what is it like trying to adopt a new program or intervention in your clinic?

What is usually the response from program leadership?

What are the major contextual factors you have to address?


N/A for pre-implementation focus groups