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Table 7 Costs per Undetected HIV Diagnosis in the Whole of Population (WoP)

From: Economic evaluation of alternative testing regimes and settings to detect undiagnosed HIV in Australia

Estimated Number of Undiagnosed Cases 3350
Regime and Setting Number of Tests Needed per Positive Diagnosis Average Cost per Test Regime
Total Cost per Positive HIV Diagnosis
Conventional Testing Regime
 Private General Practice 5602 $159.10 $891,329
 Public Sexual Health Clinic 5602 $63.80 $357,411
Parallel Testing Regime
 Community Organisation (General Practice) 5787 $98.92 $572,542
 Community Organisation (Peer Testing - Volunteer) 5787 $27.14 $157,071
Point of Care Testing Regime
 Community Organisation (Peer Testing – Paid) 5787 $34.63 $200,436
 Home HIVST (include private costs) 6111 $62.32 $380,860
 Home HIVST (exclude private costs) 6111 $0.07 $416