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Table 1 Search string scoping review

From: Identifying goals, roles and tasks of extended scope physiotherapy in Dutch primary care- an exploratory, qualitative multi-step study

MeSH (Pubmed) Title / abstract
Physical therapists (mesh from 2012) Physical therap*
Physical therapy modalities (mesh until 2012) Physiotherap*
Musculoskeletal manipulations Manual therap*
Emtree (Embase)
 Manipulative medicine  
Heading (Cinahl, SPORTDiscus)
 Physical therapists  
 Physical therapy  
 Manual therapy  
MeSH/Emtree Title / abstract
n/a advance practi*
Heading Advanced practi*
Scope of practice Advance scope*
  Advanced scope*
  consultant physio*
  Enhanced practice*
  enhance practice*
  Enhancing practice*
  enhance scope*
  Enhanced scope*
  enhancing scope*
  Expand practice*
  Expanded practice*
  Expanding practice*
  Expand scope*
  Expanded scope*
  Expanding scope*
  Extending scope*
  extended scope*
  extended practice*
  Extending practice*
  role expan*
  role enhan*
  role exten*
  Roles expan*
  Roles enhan*
  Roles exten*
  scope of practice
  new role*
MeSH Title / abstract
Decision making Outcome
Patient satisfaction Clinical reasoning
Clinical decision making (mesh from 2016) Patient experience*
Education Patient preference*
Emtree Substitution
Decision making Diagnostic*
Patient satisfaction Operational*
Clinical decision making Organis*
Education Organiz*
Health care organization  
  1. The asterisk sign was used for truncation during the search