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Table 5 Test of mediation effect of IC and PsyCap

From: The impact of individual creativity, psychological capital, and leadership autonomy support on hospital employees’ innovative behaviour

Hypothesis Effecta Mediator Indirect effecta Total effecta Mediator effectb
H2c PsyCap → IIB IC 0.138*** 0.477*** Complementary
H3c LAS → IIB IC 0.114*** 0.436*** Complementary
H3e LAS → IIB PsyCap 0.176*** 0.436*** Complementary
H3f LAS → IC PsyCap 0.165*** 0.427*** Complementary
c LAS → IIB IC, PsyCap 0.362*** 0.436*** Complementary
  1. a** p < 0.05, ***p < 0.01 are significance levels
  2. bThe effect between LAS and IIB is influenced by two mediators, IC (twice) and PsyCap, and we have a triple mediation analysis [65]. The total indirect effect is then the sum of the specific indirect effects
  3. cMediation by bootstrapping method [68]