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Table 3 Constructs (LAS, PsyCap, IC and IIB) and items used in this study

From: The impact of individual creativity, psychological capital, and leadership autonomy support on hospital employees’ innovative behaviour

Construct Definition Claims label Claims Source
LAS LAS refers to employees’ perceptions of the quality of their interpersonal relationship with their leader. LAS1 My leader gives me authority over issues within my area. Amundsen [43]
LAS2 My leader listens to me.
LAS3 My leader encourages me to take initiative.
LAS4 My leader is concerned that my work is goal-oriented.
LAS5 My leader instils motivation.
PsyCap An individual’s positive psychological state of development characterized by self-efficacy, optimism, hope and resilience. PsyCap1 I feel confident that I can set goals for myself in my work area. Luthans et al. [27]
PsyCap2 I am optimistic when it comes to my future at this organization.
PsyCap3 When faced with challenges in my job, I can find alternative solutions to them.
PsyCap4 I can find alternative ways to achieve my goals.
IC The individual employee’s ‘production of novel, useful ideas or problem solutions. It is both the process of idea generation and the actual idea. IC1 I contribute creative ideas to solve challenges in my job. Zhou and George [58]
IC2 I contribute creative ideas to improve the quality of my job.
IIB The behaviour of employees and their ability to adopt and use new and useful ideas in their work. IIB1 I create new ideas to solve problems in my job. Jansen [59] and Scott & Bruce [60]
IIB2 I search out new working methods or techniques to complete my work.
IIB3 I investigate and find ways to implement my ideas.
IIB4 I promote my ideas so others might use them in their work.
IIB5 I try out new ideas in my work.
  1. Note: LAS Leadership autonomy support, PsyCap Psychological capital, IC Individual creativity, IIB Individual innovative behaviour