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Table 1 Sociodemographic Characteristics of Participants (N = 99)

From: Changes in practitioners’ attitudes, perceived training needs and self-efficacy over the implementation process of an evidence-based parenting program

Academic background
 Early education or specialized education 38.38
 Nursing 7.07
 Social work or psychology 39.39
 Other (administration, non applied social science) or unspecified 15.15
Highest level of education completed
 High school diploma or no diploma 4.04
 Technical/academic junior college diploma 32.32
 Undergraduate degree 49.49
 Post-graduate degree 4.14
Type of organization
 School or child care services 12.12
 Non-governmental organizations 22.22
 Governmental primary care agencies or child welfare services 65.66
Average number of years of experience working with families M (SD)
14.04 (9.41)
Total duration of involvement in the initiative (in months) 19.5 (6.8)