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Table 1 Interventions implemented from 2011 to 2015 to improve critical path indicators and time of introducing them

From: Using the critical path method to rollout and optimise new PMTCT guidelines to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Zimbabwe: a descriptive analysis

Critical Path Indicator Period when intervention was introduced Intervention implemented
Year Quarter
ANC Bookings 2011 Q2 Incorporated PMTCT messaging in VHW training materials, trained and engaged VHWs in community mobilization for PMTCT and conducted mass-media campaigns to promote early ANC bookings.
HIV Testing 2011 Q2 Trained more nurses to offer rapid HIV testing to pregnant women; tracked availability of test kits at site level and helped to redistribute as necessary to avoid stock outs.
Maternal AZT Prophylaxis 2011 Q2 Introduced integrated PMTCT curriculum which trained MNCH nurses to dispense AZT to HIV-positive pregnant women according to 2010 WHO guidelines.
CD4 Testing 2011 Q4 Procured 154 POC CD4 testing machines and distributed to MNCH clinics and EDTA tubes for remote clinics to collect and send blood specimens for CD4 testing at sites with CD4 testing machines.
Mothers’ ART 2011 Q4 Introduced ART in MNCH and trained MNCH nurses to initiate eligible HIV-positive pregnant women on ART rather than referring them to existing ART clinics for initiation by doctors.
Infant ARVs 2011 Q2 Changed HIV-exposed infants’ ARV prophylaxis from seven days daily AZT dose to daily NVP dose until 7 days after breastfeeding.
EID 2011 Q2 Incorporated EID training into PMTCT training materials and trained nurses in all MNCH facilities to offer EID services.
All indicators 2011 Q2 Quarterly data analysis, review of site level performance, implementing PDSA cycles to improve the indicators
  1. PMTCT prevention of mother-to-child transmission, VHW Village health worker, ANC Antenatal care, MNCH Maternal, neonatal and child health, AZT Zidovudine, POC Point of care, EDTA Ethylenedia-minetetraacetic acid, ART Antiretroviral therapy, NVP Nevirapine, EID Early infant diagnosis, DBS Dried blood spot