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Table 1 Underpinning values and principles

From: In-PREP: a new learning design framework and methodology applied to a relational care training intervention for healthcare assistants

Underlying values
 • Build on the assets that HCAs already bring to the provision of relational care
 • Team support is vital
 • Celebrate achievement
 • The importance of small actions
 • The power of communication
Delivery principles
 • Protected time
 • Face-to-face learning
 • Online resources provided for reference
 • Layered curriculum approach [21] where the three units were introduced on day 1 and built on in day 2 the following week with a take home reflective exercise to do in-between
Instructional Design
 • Clear take-home messages
 • Real life examples
 • Emphasis on learner interaction
 • Practical learning exercises
 • Encourage empathy through simulation