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Table 3 Summary of cost-effectiveness analysis results

From: Economic evaluation of carbetocin as prophylaxis for postpartum hemorrhage in the Philippines

Probabilistic results Carbetocin Oxytocin
Cesarean section (CS)
 Total costs 555 542
 Total QALYs 0.82797 0.82697
 Incremental cost   13.19
 Incremental QALY   0.001000
 ICER per QALY gained (USD/QALY gained)   13,187
Vaginal delivery (VD)
 Total cost 292 274
 Total QALY 0.84535 0.84494
 Incremental cost   17.49
 Incremental QALY   0.000405
 ICER per QALY gained (USD/QALY gained)   43,164