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Table 6 Registrar Themes

From: How does GP training impact rural and remote underserved communities? Exploring community and professional perceptions

Theme Description Example
Breadth of Training Breadth of training opportunities results in a wider range of services for communities “In actual fact … by using something like the Rural Generalist doctors program, where some doctors will get a specialty which they can use in the region - and whether that’s obstetrics or whether it’s anaesthetics or surgery, whether it’s mental health” (Community 8)
“So I think one of the advantages of working in a really remote area is we just get to do such a wide variety that you wouldn’t necessarily get to do in a suburban practice.” (Registrar 2)
Rural Specific Knowledge Knowledge and understanding of rural areas provides a greater service “So we know that they … will have a much better understanding of what this community is about in terms of its type of industry, its type of specific problems, in what resources are available or not available.” (Supervisor 2)
“So each area, by virtue of its isolation and the make-up of its community, will have different challenges. But what we are finding with these young folks coming through is that they really seem to have some knowledge and understanding of this. It makes a massive difference.” (Health Staff 3)
Quality of Training Quality of training provides registrars with greater level of skills and knowledge “The training program by itself has built a level of skillsets and knowledge that the GP is better able to then work with a local regional community than other GPs who haven’t gone through this.” (Supervisor 2)
… the registrar training I found has been extraordinarily effective.” (Health Staff 3)
Relationships with Community Registrars’ relationships with community influence community outcomes “Registrars become invested in local life and committed to patients.” (Health Staff 1)
… they’ve participated in activities and they’ve helped out at … functions, they’ve gone for bike rides with our riding group and things like that. So … there’s obviously a positive community, effect because they’re ultimately here in the community and they’re participating in things.” (Community 13)