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Table 3 Base-case and Sensitivity Analysis Intervention Costs and Cost-effectiveness Ratiosa

From: Costs and effectiveness of a culturally tailored communication training program to increase cultural competence among multi-disciplinary care management teams

Variable Base-case Nurse-only Pharmacist-only Support staff-only
Mean intervention costs, $ $138.51 $123.41 $194.49 $68.65
Mean effectiveness gainedb 0.41 0.27 0.83 0.56
ACER, $ per 1-unit increase in frequency of culturally competent behaviors (CCB) $337.83 $457.07 $234.32 $122.59
  1. Abbreviations: ACER average cost-effectiveness ratio, CCB culturally competent behavior subscale of cultural competence self-assessment
  2. aValues account for program delivery costs listed in Table 2
  3. bMean effectiveness gained is from the matched sample (n = 17) and uses the CCB subscale, as this was the only statistically significantly effectiveness outcome