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Table 2 Total Costs to Develop and Deliver the Culturally Tailored Communication Training Program

From: Costs and effectiveness of a culturally tailored communication training program to increase cultural competence among multi-disciplinary care management teams

Type of Cost Resource Unit Unit Cost ($)a Total Cost ($)
Program Development (One-Time Costs)
 Time for planning meetings 5 h $55.65 (lead)
$19.65 (HR consultant)
$12 (intern)
 Time to modify existing presentation 2 h $55.65 (lead) $144.47
 Fee to print training materials 36 handouts $1.25 per handout $45
 Time for facilitator training 4 h $55.65 (lead) $288.93
 Total    $1044.98
Program Delivery (Fixed and Variable Costs)
 Time to complete web-based module 28 min $56.09 (pharmacist)
$33.92 (nurse)
$19.90 (support staff)
 Time to setup 30 min $55.65 (lead)
$19.65 (HR consultant)
$12 (intern)
 Time to facilitate training 1.5 h $55.65 (lead) $108.36
 Time to travel to trainingb (average time from medical offices to regional office) 30 min $56.09 (pharmacist)
$33.92 (nurse)
 Time to attend training 1.5 h $56.09 (pharmacist)
$33.92 (nurse)
$19.90 (support staff)
 Miles from worksite to training siteb (average distance from medical offices to regional office) 25 miles $0.58/mile (off-site attendees) $333.50
 Total    $4709.21
  1. aFringe benefits of 29.8%, from the Bureau of Labor, were included in all wage calculations
  2. bSome nurses and all support staff were located at the regional office