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Table 1 NCAs Sampled

From: Exploring variation in the use of feedback from national clinical audits: a realist investigation

NCA Date initiated Clinical speciality Examples of NCA performance measures
PICANet 2002 Paediatric Intensive Care • Standardised Mortality Ratio (SMR): ratio between the observed number of deaths and the number of deaths that would be expected, given the severity of patients’ illness at admission
• Unplanned extubations - accidental removal of breathing tubes
• Emergency readmissions within 48 h of discharge
MINAP 1998 Cardiology – Myocardial Infarctions (heart attacks) • Call-to-Balloon time: time between ambulance call and Primary PCI treatment: target 90 min
• Door-to-Angiography time: time between arrival at hospital to diagnostic procedure: target 72 h
• Discharge on gold standard drugs: Proportion of patients who received all secondary prevention medication for which they were eligible
BAUS 2012–2016a Urology - diseases of the urinary-tract system and the male reproductive organs Cystectomy (bladder removal surgery) outcomes data, including:
• 30 day mortality rate
• 90 day mortality rate
• length of hospital stay
NACR 2005 Cardiology - Cardiac Rehabilitation • Cardiac Rehabilitation offered to all priority groups
• Percent of patients with recorded assessment before starting formal Cardiac Rehabilitation: >England 80%; Northern Ireland 88%; Wales 68%
• Percent of patients with recorded assessment at the end of Cardiac Rehabilitation: > England 57%, Northern Ireland 61%, Wales 43%
  1. aRefers to first publication on BAUS website, data collection may have begun earlier