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Table 9 A selected example of the consolidated framework

From: Developing a consolidated research framework for clinical allied health professionals practising in the UK

Research Methodology and Methods
A. Scientific concepts and application of research knowledge Entry Level
 Broad awareness of knowledge creation processes Awareness
 Awareness of basic theoretical concepts and methodologies in relation to applied research Awareness
 Able to differentiate between research, audit and service evaluation Awareness
 Applies technical language with applied research
e.g. research participant compared to patient
data compare to information
statistical significance compared to clinical significance
 Selects appropriate research methods to answer research questions Awareness
 Critiques and selects appropriate outcome measures / tools in research projects Awareness
 Develops research questions by considering research area and ‘real-world’ affairs Core
Application of theoretical concepts and methodologies in relation to clinical research Intermediate
 Awareness of relevant research methodological developments in field of interest Intermediate
Uses multiple sources of evidence (including stakeholder and user involvement / co-production) in research development Intermediate
 Articulates own assumptions and constructs and sustains arguments in a clear, evidenced and concise manner Intermediate
 Work with stakeholders throughout the research process Intermediate
B. Analysis Entry Level
 Is aware of appropriate tools and systems in the search for evidence e.g. databases Awareness
Information Technology (IT) literate
 For example, use of Excel, word
 Understands how to interpret qualitative and quantitative research data Awareness
 Undertakes appropriate data analysis Core
 Uses appropriate tools to collect data and measure outcomes Core
C. Proposal development Entry Level
 Applies for funding grants and fellowships Intermediate
Designs research studies using appropriate method for the research question Intermediate
 Writes research proposals that adhere to requirements of funding bodies, ethics and governance processes Intermediate
 Plans and leads detailed research programmes Advanced