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Table 6 Example of draft framework

From: Developing a consolidated research framework for clinical allied health professionals practising in the UK

B. Research Project Planning and Development
 Has knowledge of a range of study designs and methodologies relevant to clinical research Core
 Understanding of different phases of research process Core
 Knowledge of the requirements for Public involvement in research Core
 Awareness of regulatory and legal frameworks and implications for clinical research design and development Intermediate
 Understanding of funding sources Intermediate
 Understanding of financial management in the design and conduct of research Intermediate
Skills and behaviour
 Identifies problems and issues arising from practice and develops research questions based on this Awareness
 Develops research teams appropriate to the research methods Intermediate
 Writes research proposals Intermediate
 Successfully applies for grants and fellowships Intermediate
 Designs research studies using appropriate method for the research question Intermediate
 Describes and summarise specific processes essential to ensure regulatory approval Intermediate
 Adjusts design appropriately when unforeseen problems arise Intermediate
 Plans and coordinates detailed research programmes Advanced