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Table 4 Themes and sub-categories

From: Developing a consolidated research framework for clinical allied health professionals practising in the UK

  Theme Theme description
Includes knowledge skills and behaviour
1. Research methodology and methods Different epistemologies, approaches and techniques used to develop research and gain research evidence. Includes applying the appropriate approaches to address research questions being asked Scientific concepts and application of research knowledge
Analysis (process of looking for patterns in information, either quantitative or qualitative)
Proposal development
2. Research strategy and planning Management of projects in an ethical manner in a dynamic health and social care environment. Meeting deadlines. Forward planning to maximise capacity and impact Applied research strategy and policy
Research project planning and development
3. Research delivery Execution of research safely and effectively across a range of contexts Ethics, Safety and informed consent
Operation of research
4. Research management and leadership Leading and managing research activity Leadership and management in research
Management and leadership in projects
5. Research education and training Education and training of the wider workforce in research and EBP including clinical and/or research supervision and mentoring others Education General (any setting)
Clinical Education
Academic Education
6. Working with others and collaborating in research Developing effective, trusting research relationships with other researchers, patients, professionals, policy makers and others colleagues to build and sustain a collaborative research activity Networking
7. Research-informed practice, dissemination, and impact Use of evidence to develop and inform practice, dissemination, and knowledge mobilisation activities. Translation of knowledge into practice
Dissemination of own research
Impactful Activities
8. Own career development Planning steps in personal growth and career. Career development knowledge and skills