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Table 1 Dimensions, factors and items to assess context for success in the accreditation process (adapted from the MUSIQ [9] model)

From: Contextual factors favouring success in the accreditation process in Colombian hospitals: a nationwide observational study

Context Dimension Context Factors (variables) Item #
Environment External incentives/market 1
Board of Trustees/ directors strategic decision 2
External sponsorship for the development QI projects 3
Institutional prestige 4
Macrosystem Management leadership for QI at the hospital 5
Existence of Director or Manager for quality 6
Culture for QI in the organization [24] 7–10
Organizational maturity for QI 11
Priority for development of human talent for QI [25] 12–15
Availability of resources for QI 16
Information systems support for QI 17
Employment stability 18
Microsystem Leadership for QI in the Microsystem [26] 19,20,23
Motivation for QI 21
Skills for utilization of tools for QI 22
Culture for QI in the Microsystem [24] 23–25
Involvement of physicians 26
Quality Improvement team Leadership for managing quality 27
Diversity of the quality team 28
Experience and specific knowledge on QI 29
Teamwork [27] 30–33
Skills in procedures and techniques for QI 34
Stability of the quality team 35
  1. MUSIQ Model for Understanding Success in Quality, QI Quality Improvement