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Table 1 Independent variables descriptions

From: What contributes to medical debt? Evidence from patients in rural China

Variables Description
Region XT and YQ
Gender Male = 1, female = 2
Age (year) The age was divided in 3 groups: < 18, 18–44,45–64,≥65
Marriage Marriage status was divided into married and others (contains unmarried, divorced and widowed)
Household size Household size was divided in two groups:≤3 and > 4
Per capita household income PCHI was divided into four quartiles, level 1 to level 4.
Hospital level County or less level, municipal or higher level
Inpatient times The times of inpatient services in past years, continuous variable
Inpatient days The days of inpatient services in past years, continuous variable
Inpatient expenses The total expense during hospitalization, continuous variable
NCMS reimbursable expenses NCMS reimbursement, continuous variable
CII reimbursable expenses CII reimbursement, continuous variable
Non-direct medical costs (NDMC) Included transportation costs, board and lodging and other costs relating to healthcare but not included in health expenditures
Indirect costs The costs associated with time lost by the patients and their family members
Out-of-pocket payments Continuous variable
Medical assistance Received medical assistance = 1, other = 2
Financial assistance from kin Received financial assistance from kin = 1, other = 2