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Table 1 Implementation strategies

From: PACE-IT study protocol: a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial evaluating the implementation of telehealth visual assessment in emergency care for people living in residential aged-care facilities

Strategy Rationale Delivered to and where When/how often
Establish implementation groups Increase awareness, identify barriers and develop context specific implementation strategies RACF staff and ED ASET nurses Establish 3 months before implementation and meet monthly before and during planning/intervention/implementation
ED visits by RACF staff Increase awareness of residents’ ED transfer experiences RACF staff and ED managers Initial implementation of intervention and ongoing with change of RACF staff
RACF visits by ACE nurses and Telehealth Coordinators Understand RACF context to enable implementation ACE nurses at RACF sites Every RACF at initial implementation
Education sessions on VTC and handover model Increase RACF staff awareness of intervention RACF staff Initial implementation, ongoing with change of RACF staff
Staff training about video conference Familiarise ED and RACF staff with video conference equipment used in intervention RACF staff and ACE nurses at each ED Initial implementation
RACF Aged-Care Emergency Clinical Resource Manual Guide ACE nurses in decision making for care of RACF residents ACE nurses Project start
Manual for VTC and handover model including video conferencing Guide ACE nurses and RACF staff to normalise the VTC and handover via video conferencing ACE nurses and RACFs Project start
Establish video conferencing system Familiarise ED and RACF staff with video conference equipment used in intervention EDs and RACFs Project start
Project information sheet and information videos Inform staff at RACFs and EDs about proposed model of care EDs and RACFs Ongoing
Compliance audits and feedback
Compliance audits and feedback Monitor compliance and empower staff to continue with implementation strategies Each site Monthly from start of the implementation