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Table 5 Evaluation of the Feasibility of the BC-SCP in Clinical Settings

From: Development and evaluation of a bladder Cancer specific survivorship care plan by patients and clinical care providers: a multi-methods approach

Encounter Questions Number of Encounter Responses Median (mean) response; scale range: 1 (Not at all) - 7 (Very much)
Was the information that was requested clear? 48 6 (5.65)
Was it difficult to locate the requested information? 51 2 (3.10)
Is this format (assuming further revision) one you would consider using in your practice? 50 4 (4.04)
Did the care plan completion hamper clinic flow? If yes, please comment above. 34 3.5 (4.07)
Do you currently have ample clinic resources to complete survivorship care plans in all new patients? 50 4 (3.3)
Was the patient an engaged and active participant in the completion of the care plan? 35 2 (3)a
Did the care plan completion enhance the dialogue between you and the patient? 35 2 (2.89)a
Did the patient appear interested in receiving the appendix portion of the care plan? 33 3 (3.36)a
  1. a98% of the care plans were filled without the presence of the patient