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Table 1 A summary of the results highlighting the six EMS pillars

From: The state of emergency medical services and acute health facility care in Uganda: findings from a National Cross-Sectional Survey

National Leadership and governance Strong and committed leadership at MOH. No policy, no guidelines. Development of policy and guidelines underway.
Financing No designated funds for EMS.
Information Health management information system has no EMS specific data. Data on acute facility care limited.
Health workforce Limited staff.
Sub-national Leadership and governance No clear lead agency in some districts. No coordination. No policies, guidelines, standards.
Financing Low, no ear-marking of funds for EMS. Facility based care funded as part of facility funding.
Information Poor generation and use. Limited information sharing.
Health workforce Present but limited in EMS. Present in limited numbers, poorly trained in and outside facilities, most facilities have no fixed staff in emergency areas.
Medical products Acute shortages in pre-hospital and health facility spaces, even of basics.
Service delivery Limited by poor coordination and financing.