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Table 1 General characteristics of Viet Nam and studied area (in 2017)a

From: Health staff experiences with the implementation of early essential newborn care guidelines in Da Nang municipality and Quang Nam province in Viet Nam

 Viet NamDa NangQuang Nam
Area (Km2)331,230.801284.9010,574.70
Average population (Thousand)93,671.601064.101493.80
Population density (Person/km2)283828141
Percentage of literate population95.198.295.7
Crude birth rate14.915.215.2
Crude death rate6.86.38.7
Natural increase rate8.18.96.5
Total fertility rate2.041.812.26
Infant mortality rate14.48.516.1
Under-five mortality rate21.512.924.2
  1. aData from Viet Nam General Statistics Office [16]