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Table 3 Characteristics of all participants

From: Feasibility of ActivABLES to promote home-based exercise and physical activity of community-dwelling stroke survivors with support from caregivers: A mixed methods study

Stroke survivorsInformal caregivers
agetime since strokeside of hemiparesiswalking device insidetablet/computer use on daily basisageoccupationtablet/computer use on daily basis
6323 yearsleftnoyes68working part-timeyes
559 monthsrightnono28unemployedyes
7115 monthsleftyes, a caneyes72retiredno
795 monthsrightnoyes79retiredno
6626 monthsrightnoyes66working part-timeyes
7419 monthsleftyes, a caneno70retiredyes
678 monthsleftnoyes58working full-timeyes
7330 yearsleftyes, a crutchyes51working full-timeyes
784 years and 3 monthsleftyes, a crutchno79retiredyes
7214 monthsrightnono80retiredyes