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Table 4 Summery of themes (TMs) and categories (CAs) developed based on KIIs data in respective quality components in Mekelle zone, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

From: Level of quality of option B+PMTCT service provision in public health facilities in Mekelle zone, northern Ethiopia: cross-sectional study

Themes (TMs) Categories (CAs)
Code Name Code Name
TM1 Input service quality CA1 Reasons for good input quality Good partnership
CA2 Reasons for bad input quality Resource constraint
TM2 Process service quality CA3 Reasons for good process quality Service integration
ART initiation regardless of CD4 count
Simplicity of ARV drug regimen
   CA4 Reasons for bad process quality Poor service compliance
prolonged waiting time
Work load
TM3 Output service quality CA5 Reasons for good output quality Patient retention
CA6 Reasons for bad output quality high DBS result turnaround time