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Table 2 Characteristics of focus groups participants

From: A need-based, multi-level, cross-sectoral framework to explain variations in satisfaction of care needs among people living with dementia

   Family carer Person with dementia (PWD)
ID Interviewee Age Gender Relation with PWD Age Gender Years from diagnosis Type of diagnosis Disease severity Geography
FG01 Carer 64 Female Spouse 66 Male <1 year Alzheimer’s NA Rural
FG02 PWD     66 Male <1 year Alzheimer’s Mild Rural
FG03 Carer 40 Female Daughter 80 Female 2 Alzheimer’s Mild/moderate Rural
FG04 Carer 55 Male Son 83 Female <1 year Alzheimer’s Mild Urban
FG05 PWD     66 Male 4 Lewy body Mild/moderate Urban
FG06 Carer 59 Female Spouse 66 Male 4 Lewy body Moderate Urban
FG07 Carer 76 Female Spouse 80 Male 4 Mixed Moderate Urban
FG08 Carer 62 Female Daughter 84 Male NA Alzheimer’s Mild Urban
FG09 PWD     84 Male NA Alzheimer’s Mild/moderate Urban
FG10 Carer 72 Female Spouse NA Male NA NA Moderate/severe Urban