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Table 6 Quality of Treatment for Diarrhea & ARI, among Infants/ Children 2-59 m

From: A national survey of private-sector outpatient care of sick infants and young children in Nepal

 Medicine shops (%)Physician-run Clinics (%)
Proximity to hospital (in minutes)< 30 min30–60 min>60 minAll
 Dispense or refer only572564 
 Assess & treatn = 222n = 112n = 103n = 437n = 86
 ORS most/ all cases9389889198
 Zinc most/ all cases6961676690
 No antibiotics for non-bloody diarrhea2523222430
Antibiotics for bloody diarrhea:
  Ciprofloxacin or other quinolone1940323218††
  A cephalosporin antibiotic1611111438
Acute Respiratory Infection
 Dispense/ refer only595670 
 Assess & treatn = 220n = 109n = 102n = 431n = 86
 Antibiotic based on respiratory rate9799989898
Specific antibiotics used:
  Amoxicillin +/− clavulanate7068706965
  Other cephalosporin34239
  1. Note that due to rounding, in some instances totals may not sum to exactly 100%
  2. p-value on difference between medicine shops and clinics < 0.001
  3. †† p-value on difference between medicine shops and clinics < 0.05