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Table 3 Profile of medicine shops & private clinics, engaged in treatment of young infants

From: A national survey of private-sector outpatient care of sick infants and young children in Nepal

 Medicine shops (%)Physician-run clinics (%)
Proximity to hospital with in-patient pediatrics service (in minutes)< 30 min
n = 200
30–60 min
n = 100
>60 min
n = 100
n = 400
n = 82
DDA registration74363455N/A
Professional credentials:
 Pediatrician    38
 Other physician    62
 CMA/ HA66747269 
 Pharmacist/ Pharmacy Assistants10658 
 ANM/ nurse6576 
 Other paramedical1263 
 No professional training17121014 
Sex (% male)8694798698*
Age - mean   38 years38 years
 < 30 years2220302417
 30 to 40 years4452434557
 > 40 years3428273126
10+ yrs. experience treating sick infants5334434631†
Dual practice in public sector H facility1317191534*
Also does in-patient pediatrics    62
Services available:
 11h hours/ day9488979385
 7 days/ week9896909583*
Physician on site at least once/ week95119N/A
  1. Medicine shop data presented in this table are restricted to those to which the full survey instrument (Tool 1) was administered (n = 400); shops that reported only dispensing medicines for young infant illness and not involved in assessment and treatment decisions are not included here
  2. Acronyms: DDA Department of Drug Administration, CMA Certified Medical Assistant, HA Health Assistant, ANM Auxiliary Nurse-Midwife, H facility health facility, N/A not applicable
  3. * p-value on difference between medicine shops and clinics < 0.01
  4. p-value on difference between medicine shops and clinics < 0.05