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Table 2 Elective patients scheduled for PACU admission

From: Efficiency and efficacy of planning and care on a post-anesthesia care unit: a retrospective cohort study

Preoperative admission indicationIndications, total cohort
(N = 413)
Indications, planned and admitted patients (Group I)
(n = 342)
Indications, planned but not admitted patients (Group II)
(n = 71)
a. Surgical indicationsa(n = 229)22920425
 Supratentorial craniotomy (including open biopsy)89827
 Whipple operation29254
 Kidney transplantation + comorbidity or need for vasopressive support16151
 Awake craniotomy11101
b. Anesthesiological indications (n = 47)553817
 (Expected) perioperative pulmonary or cardiac complications443014
 (Expected) postoperative catecholamine support651
 (Expected) postoperative airway complications532
c. Comorbidities (n = 99)17113734
 OSA syndrome705416
 Heart failure675413
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease17143
 Morbid obesity14122
 Cervical paraplegia220
 Unregulated diabetes mellitus110
d. Other (not listed in Table 1) (n = 38)43349
 Minor surgery in frail patients17143
 Rare major high-risk surgery18135
 Congenital syndromes541
 Bronchoalveolar lavage330
Total (n = 413)49841385
  1. a Most relevant surgical indications