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Table 1 Key questions asked in the semi-structured interviews

From: Measuring the benefits of the integration of health and social care: qualitative interviews with professional stakeholders and patient representatives

• Can you tell me about your current role and background? (professional stakeholders) / Can you tell me about you and your involvement in PPI (Patient and Public Involvement)? (patient representatives)
• Can you describe what ‘integrated care’ means to you?
• Can you tell me why you think integrated care is important?
• If health and social care services are well-integrated, what benefits would you expect to see?
• What aspects of integrated care do you think should be evaluated?
• Do you know of any measures or tools that can be used to evaluate integrated care?
• What factors do you consider when deciding which outcome indicators to use? (professional stakeholders only)
• Do you think currently available measures are sufficient for evaluating integrated care, or are there areas where new metrics are needed? (professional stakeholders only)
• What do you think is the best way to assess the impact of integrated care for patients and service users?