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Table 3 Distribution of tracer items by facility type, n = 615

From: Quality antenatal care services delivery at health facilities of Ethiopia, assessment of the structure/input of care setting

Tracer items measuring structural qualityHospitalHealth centerHealth PostClinicsTotal
Guidelines available for antenatal care service13745.87646.92927.91122.0253
ANC check-lists and/or job-aids23578.613281.55250.02346.0442
At least one trained staff for antenatal care service12040.15735.23634.61428.0227
Blood pressure apparatus29598.715696.35451.94998.0554
Haemoglobin test17056.95332.7001938.0242
Urine dipstick protein test28796.011168.5002754.0425
Iron tablets24481.611571.05149.01530.0425
Folic acid tablets25183.911772.24947.11326.0430
Tetanus toxoid vaccine20568.611973.53230.8612.0362
Tracer item scoreMean6.6 6.1 3.2 3.5 5.7
SE0.1 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.1
Total facilities (Unweighted)299 162 104 50 615