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Table 3 Logistic regression: Predictors for the use of the services of the midwifery network, n = 8384

From: Evaluation of a midwifery network to guarantee outpatient postpartum care: a mixed methods study

PredictorOdds Ratio95% confidence intervalp-value
Age in years0.990.98–1.000.143
 Foreign nationality (Reference category Swiss)2.362.04–2.73< 0.001
Highest vocational education
 No vocational education1.891.56–2.29< 0.001
 Higher education/university (Reference category apprenticeship/ high school education)0.850.72–0.990.033
 Not employed1.281.09–1.510.002
 Second child0.620.53–0.73< 0.001
Third child or more (Reference category first child)0.790.64–0.980.035
Mode of birth
 Instrumental vaginal birth0.970.77–1.240.832
 Caesarean section (Reference category spontaneous vaginal birth)1.381.20–1.59< 0.001