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Table 1 Study Schema

From: Smart triage: triage and management of sepsis in children using the point-of-care Pediatric Rapid Sepsis Trigger (PRST) tool

Experimental Sites:Phase I Baseline (3–5 months)Phase II Interphase (1–3 months)Phase III Intervention (5–6 months)Post-Data Collection (9–14 months)
 1. Mbagathi County Hospital, Nairobi
 2. Jinja Regional Referral Hospital, Jinja
Data collection of predictors and outcomes by study nurses.Model derivation, technology development, usability testing.Data collection continues as done in Phase I by study nurses. Routine use of digital triage tool by hospital nurses.Analysis, results presentation and dissemination.
Control Site:Phase I (12 months)
 1. Kiambu County Hospital, NairobiOngoing baseline data collection.