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Table 3 Instruments used to reduce operational costs

From: Decommissioning in a local healthcare system in Sweden: responses to fiscal stress

Frequency of instruments used for reducing operational costs

Expected (aggregate) savings, presented in million SEK

Personnel costs


Eliminating positions, used six times


Specified for five of six instruments

Fill positions with less credentialed or lower-paid staff, used three times


Specified for one of three instruments

Hiring freeze (of hired physicians), used three times


Reduce or control overtime, used three times


Specified for two of three instruments

Layoffs, used three times


Impede performance of nonwork-related tasks during paid work hours, used once

Not specified


Total 42.5

Non-personnel costs


Restrict spending on travels, conferences and complementary training, used twice.

Not specified

Terminate support functions towards other organisations, used once


Reduce cost for facilities (reduced space), used once



Total 4