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Table 4 Characteristics of health plan members who did or did not register in a Patient-powered research network

From: Harnessing health plan enrollee data to boost membership in patient-powered research networks

Health plan member characteristicsRegistered Not registered P values
N102 29,043  
Age, mean (SD)51.810.0950.710.520.17
Age category (years), n (%)    0.41
 65 and over43.914675.1 
Female, n (%)8987.322,77578.40.03
Residential location (based on zip code), n (%)    0.17
Health plan coverage, n (%)    0.37
 Medicare Advantage43.97352.5 
Census Region, n (%)    0.23
Clinical History     
 Comorbidity score (Deyo-Charlson Index), mean (SD)2.52.792.22.610.08
 Comorbidity score category, n (%)    0.01
  1 or 25352.012,18341.9 
  3 or more3231.4812428.0 
Medical Utilization History (All cause)     
 Any hospitalization, n (%)3433.3885730.50.53
 Any emergency room visit, n (%)5352.012,34142.50.05
 Any Outpatient visit, n (%)102100.029,042100.00.95
 Primary care physician visits, n (%)9492.225,84589.00.31
 Specialist visits, n (%)10199.028,83399.30.76