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Table 2 Analysis of PDSAs reported during the task (virtual world = Virtual world condition, face-to-face = face-to-face condition. Team 4 were not able to report PDSA cycles due to a technical fault)

From: Using virtual worlds as a platform for collaborative meetings in healthcare: a feasibility study

PDSA Feature under examination Team / Condition
1 virtual world 2 virtual world 3 virtual world 5 face-to-face 6 face-to-face
1. Were multiple cycles used? Y Y Y Y Y
2. Were multiple cycles linked to one another (i.e. does the Act stage of one cycle inform the Plan stage of the cycle that follows)? Y Y Y Y Y
3. Was a change tested? Y Y N Y Y
4. Was an explicit prediction articulated? N N N N N
5. Has the application of PDSA method been detailed in the reports? Y Y Y Y N