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Table 3 Community pharmacists’ beliefs towards their role in weight management*. (n = 341)

From: Role of community pharmacists in weight management: results of a national study in Lebanon

 Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagree
Do you think obesity is a growing problem in Lebanon221(66.8)70(21.1)27(8.2)9(2.7)4(1.2)
Do you believe that pharmacists have a role to play in the field of weight management198(58.1)91(26.7)24(7.0)17(5.0)11(3.2)
Providing information about diet products is a pharmacist’s professional responsibility as extension of their role as health professional166(49.4)114(33.7)35(10.4)14(4.1)9(2.7)
Do you think that weight loss products should be sold only in pharmacies235(69.3)49(14.5)17(5.0)22(6.5)16(4.7)
Do you feel other healthcare professionals are more appropriately suited to be involved in this area135(40.1)105(31.2)60(17.8)26(7.7)11(3.3)
Do you think that multidisciplinary team approach to weight management will work the best196(58.8)80(23.9)34(10.1)16(4.8)9(2.7)
Continuous education of the pharmacist should include weight management and training180(53.3)97(28.7)40(11.8)12(3.6)9(2.7)
Do you think that customers are abusing weight loss products163(48.8)94(28.1)46(13.8)24(7.2)7(2.1)
Do you think that companies marketing weight loss products are making false promises?174(52.3)96(28.8)32(9.6)19(5.7)12(3.6)
Do you believe that herbal weight loss products are well regulated?37(10.9)53(15.6)63(18.6)79(23.3)107(31.6)
Do you think that media and advertisements are playing a positive role in educating customers towards weight loss products and weight management112(33.0)54(15.9)43(12.7)52(15.3)78(23.0)
  1. *Values in this table represent n (%)