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Table 2 Characteristics of study sample. (n = 341)

From: Role of community pharmacists in weight management: results of a national study in Lebanon

Age range
  < 30 years11433.5
 31–40 years11232.9
  ≥ 41 years11433.5
Employments status
 Pharmacy owner19858.2
Highest educational level attained
 Pharm D7622.3
University you graduated from
 Outside Lebanon12336.3
 In Lebanon21663.7
During your university education, did you receive any weight management training?
Did you receive any postgraduate education/training on weight management?
Years of work experience
 1–3 years8224.1
 4–10 years10932.1
 Above 10 years14943.8
How many pharmacists work in this pharmacy?
 1–2 pharmacist26377.4
 3–5 pharmacist7421.8
More than 5 pharmacist30.9
How long has this pharmacy been opened for?
 1–3 years6418.9
 4–10 years11734.5
 Above 10 years15846.6
How many times per day do you get queries about weight management products at your pharmacy?
 Once daily or less17952.5
 More than once daily16247.5