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Table 4 Sample of 10 lines for lemma [FEEL] in Q3 from 10 different participants

From: Adult patient perspectives on receiving hospital discharge letters: a corpus analysis of patient interviews

recommend you should do (.) I did feel a bit uneasy (.) they had obviously ruled out
medication or review so that’s where I feel there was an error definitely (.) so it wasn’t
well so it just wasn’t organised and I did feel like they just completely wiped their hands
so I know no it was a good summary I felt it was a good summary (.) that I could
it (.) it won’t go nowhere (.) but I felt very strongly this time that the (.) it was very
feeling uh I think it adds to your feeling of vulnerability because you can’t have a full
go through my mind of you know feeling worried about going under you know so it
plates in my leg at the time so I feel that process and the interaction has
I did I felt alright about it um I felt a bit that why did they put this instead of
positive step forward I definitely felt good about it yeah and there was some trust