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Table 3 Sample of 10 lines for [DISCHARGE] in Q1 relating to concept of timing

From: Adult patient perspectives on receiving hospital discharge letters: a corpus analysis of patient interviews

it was affecting my kidney I was discharged after five hours of waiting with the person
one it was (.) not that I was discharged very quickly because I was out of the
I say to get the medication and discharge letter it was more than twenty four hours
3 weeks from the date I was discharged uh before the surgery received any
hanging around to wait for these discharge papers and that’s what I was waiting
a whole day in hospital for that discharge letter to come from the doctors and my
little writing (.) yeah [DATE] they discharged me and I didn’t have to hang
(.) to be fair when you get discharged from hospital all you are interested in is
to wait nearly 9 hours for that discharge letter so that was probably the worst part
going to be ready where is the discharge letter because we didn’t know what the