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Table 1 Types of Encounters as Reported in RPMS and Categorization for Utilization Analysis

From: Community-based outreach associated with increased health utilization among Navajo individuals living with diabetes: a matched cohort study

Category for AnalysisCategory for Analysis
 Reported Encounter Type [a] Reported Encounter Type
Community encountersSpecialty outpatient (cont.)
  Home Care  Chronic Disease
  School  Colposcopy
Counseling/behavior  Complementary Medicine
  Alcohol and Substance  Day Surgery
  Behavioral Health  Dermatology
  Day Treatment  Diabetic (including Footcare and Retinopathy)
  Diabetes Education  Dialysis
  Education Classes  Dietary
  General Preventive  Endocrinology
  Group Services  ENT
  Medical Social Services  Family Planning
  Mental Health  High Risk
  Telebehavioral Health  Medication Therapy Management
  Tobacco Cessation Clinic  Nephrology
  Wellness  Neurology
 Dental  Obesity
Emergency  Ob/Gyn
  Emergency Medicine  Ophthalmology
  Triage  Optometry
  Urgent Care  Orthopedic
Inpatient  Pain Management
  Labor and Delivery  Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy
  Observation  Plastic Surgery
  Hospitalization (if DRG listed) [b]  Podiatry
Primary Care Outpatient  Postpartum
  Elder Care  Pulmonology
  Family Practice  Radiation Exposure Screening
  General  Rehabilitation
  Immunization  Respiratory Care
  Internal Medicine  Rheumatology
  Pediatric  Speech Pathology/Speech Therapy
  Well Child  Sports Medicine
Specialty Care Outpatient  STD
  Anesthesiology  Surgical
  Anticoagulation Therapy  Teen Clinic
  Audiology  Traditional Medicine
  Cancer Screening  Urology
  Cardiology  Women’s Health Screening
  Chest and TB  Wound Care
  1. [a] For the purposes of this table, some clinics reported as separate in RPMS have been combined for brevity (e.g. Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy)
  2. [b] Visits are also categorized as inpatient if no clinic is reported but a DRG is reported