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Table 5 Nurse Coordinators and Champions Theme; Quotes by Topic

From: Moving enhanced recovery after surgery from implementation to sustainability across a health system: a qualitative assessment of leadership perspectives

Nurse coordinators and Champions ThemeHow do these roles add value?
ERAS Nurse CoordinatorsFrom what is working, I mean definitely having a nurse coordinator at each site, that’s working. And I see that is very important, especially up front to getting it launched, having the connections on site…. So having the onsite at the beginning of the implementation is definitely working
ERAS ChampionsIt’s absolutely vital that there’s champion and both formal leadership champions and informal champions and leaders for each of the professional groups, for each of the clinical service areas... And every place along the pathway that there’s patient care delivered, patient service delivered, there has to be champions around making things better for patients and providers. And if the focus is not on both of those, then it doesn’t work.